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CeraCon rented and used plants – the clever alternatives

No matter whether you would like to rent a thermal system for a short period of time or purchase a second-hand one – at CeraCon we are prepared for anything. For example, do you need to carry out long-term system maintenance or repair, cope with a short-term production peak or would like to subject our thermal systems to extensive testing? If so, our rental systems are the ideal solution. And if you are so convinced by the quality that you would no longer like to do without the rented item, you may even be able to purchase it for a favourable price.

If on the other hand you would like to purchase a thermal system right away, but do not need a new conceptual design, our used systems will certainly be the right choice.

As we are aware of the high quality, reliability and long service life of our machines, we are always happy to take them back from our customers if they no longer have any use for them – for example because products processed with them are no longer manufactured. We overhaul the systems from the ground up, replace spare and wearing parts and modernise the technology if necessary.

Whichever option you choose, you always have access to the same sophisticated network at our company – from order acceptance to delivery, commissioning and on-site training. Of course the aspects of maintenance and service are not neglected either.

The most important advantages of CeraCon rented and used plants at a glance

  • Fast availability in the case of short-term requirements
  • High-quality solutions for an attractive price
  • Economical entry into the world of temperature treatment

Would you like to rent a thermal system or are you looking for second-hand quality? We are here for you.


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