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In use for you at short notice: CeraCon emergency service

Even in the event of unexpected challenges, such as repairs or machine downtimes, our specialists are there for you – quick, reliable and competent. Just call our hotline. Our accompanying ticket system provides additional security. It keeps you informed of all steps and guarantees that every staff member involved in resolving your case has the necessary information. As a rule, we first try to deal with your concerns

by telephone or remote maintenance. This often saves you valuable time and money. The only requirement is an appropriate module in your production plant, which you can activate for a secure connection from the Internet if required. If this approach does not lead to a sustainable solution, we will plan further steps with you, such as on-site service or spare parts dispatch and more.

The most important advantages of CeraCon emergency service at a glance

  • Competent support if the worst comes to the worst
  • Quick remote access via Internet
  • Rapid resumption of production

There for you in the worst-case scenario: the CeraCon emergency service.


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