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CeraCon conversion and modernisation – because it’s worth it

All our systems are inherently rock-solid and long-lasting – this is shown not least by the high average running times on our customers’ premises. For this reason, any reduction in the time for which the machines are used is usually due to the discontinuation of the products that you process with our technologies. This does not have to be the case: often it is sufficient to carry out just a few adjustments to the automation or handling, so that our thermal systems can quickly be put back into use to help you with the manufacture of another one of your products. Our specialists will be pleased to provide you with extensive information about your conversion and retrofitting requirements.

Even if your CeraCon Thermal system is getting on in years, this does not mean that its end is nigh. Every day we work on improving the highly advanced technology of our systems even more. It goes without saying that these innovations are always incorporated into the next generation of the systems, which is why the technical difference between your old CeraCon Thermal system and current models can be considerable. The modernisation of previous generations can certainly make economic sense. We will be happy to analyse your options, for example from the aspect of reuse after a line conversion.

The most important advantages of CeraCon conversion and modernisation service at a glance

  • Long running times of your CeraCon plant
  • More economical than creating a new conceptual design
  • More efficiency and quality through modernisation

Do you need to adapt your thermal system, or do you have any questions about modernisation? We are here for you.


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