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Keeping your production running:
CeraCon exchange units

A plant downtime, especially in three-shift operation, can have incalculable effects on your entire production chain 24/7. That’s why, when designing our single-component foam sealing systems and all the components, we are concerned to achieve the highest quality, robustness and longevity. We cannot prevent however the regular, preventative replacement of wear parts (usually seals, two to three times a year depending on load) or an emergency. In order to keep downtimes as low as possible, we will provide you with CeraCon exchange units for sale or hire.

The unit in your foam sealing system can be exchanged for an exchange unit in a few easy steps.

Thanks to the consistently pluggable connections, this procedure can be carried out with little technical knowledge and in the shortest possible time, for example by your own maintenance personnel. This means that series production can be resumed immediately afterwards.

Meanwhile, the unit used up to that point will be cleaned, maintained and checked by your specialists or by us. It is then immediately available for the next exchange operation on site. This is particularly effective and economical if you operate several CeraCon foam sealing systems of the same type, as the units are interchangeable.

The most important advantages of CeraCon exchange units at a glance

  • Extremely short downtimes of your plant
  • Optimally maintained and tested system components at all times
  • Fixed prices for an exact cost calculation

Do you need an exchange unit or do you have any questions in this regard? We are here for you.


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