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Prevents noises before they start: foam sealing technology by CeraCon

Creaking centre consoles, clattering cockpit elements – unwanted vibration and friction sounds can reduce your sense of well-being. Stop "noise vibration harshness": with CeraCon Sealing systems.

Sealing materials


Preventing noises before they occur is our goal. With our mechanically foamed, single-component PUR sealing materials you create durable, compressible buffers. As a result, components of different material hardnesses do not even begin to experience oscillations or friction and nothing rattles or vibrates.


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Foam technology


Our foam technology is as fast and uncomplicated as whipping cream. The principle is also similar, as the single-component foaming process is purely mechanical and without any chemical reaction. The proportion of air can also be used to adjust the softness and compressibility of the foam. With different types of systems we ensure the perfect metering for your every requirement.


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Whether an independent robotic cell or fully automatic production line – we design, plan and manufacture your individual foam technology solution. If you wish, even with upstream or downstream production steps for a smooth process, including your requirements for Industry 4.0. Our many years of experience in mechanical and plant engineering as well as series production make it possible.


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Application engineering


On request, our specialists will be pleased to support you with the design of your components and advise you in detail on "noise vibration harshness". In our technical centre we also foam prototypes and carry out component tests. It goes without saying that the knowledge gained from this is incorporated into your follow-up orders.


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Contract gasketing


Few components, fluctuating quantities or even short-term capacity bottlenecks – sometimes it is the better alternative to have components foamed on a contract basis. In this case we are also the right partner for you: with production plants in Germany and abroad and many years of experience as a serial manufacturer.


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The most important advantages of CeraCon foam sealing technology for noise reduction at a glance

  • Noise-dampening, single-component sealing materials
  • Simple, mechanical foaming process
  • Perfect integration into your production
  • Everything from a single source

Do you have any questions, or would you like to specifically discuss your individual requirements in the field of foam sealing technology? We are here for you.


Sealing systems

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