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Flexible, simple, reliable: CeraFLOW® foam metering systems

As a service provider with more than 15 years of experience in contract gasketing we know: never before has the use of foams for seals been as uncomplicated and clean as it is today – without any chemical reaction, pot life, rinsing or test shots. This is made possible by single-component sealing materials (polyurethane or silicone) and our CeraFLOW® foam technology, which is fully tailored to customer requirements. The principle (see image below): single-component sealing material is pumped directly out of the container into the CeraFLOW® system, where it is mixed with compressed air. Shearing forces cause an even, very fine foam to develop whose softness can be regulated by means of air content – fully in line with your wishes and the specific application. The foam is then precisely dispensed, for example, by means of

a robot-guided valve using the FIPFG process, and applied to the component. Only now does the sealant harden. This means that it can remain in the system for a very long time without reacting. We offer you CeraFLOW® in various standardised versions, depending on whether things need to move quickly, you only want to manufacture small sealing beads, for example as a replacement for O-rings, or you would like to execute a large-volume application, for example on control cabinet doors. And of course we also develop individual automation solutions for you. Simply inform us of your requirements.

Darstellung einer Schaumdosieranlage mit zwei Dosierzylindern
Principle of the system. The use of the two dispensing cylinders ensures continuous operation. Nevertheless, an availability level of ≥ 70% is guaranteed with only one dispensing cylinder.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Mechanical foaming process without pot life, rinsing or test shots
  • Softness of the foam is continuously adjustable
  • Short start-up times
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High system availability due to quick-change exchange units

The appropriate option for every challenge

Barrel pump


The single-component sealing materials are made available in 20 kg (image) or 200 kg drum containers. The polyurethane compound is introduced into the machine by means of a follower plate pump that corresponds to the size of the container.


Double barrel station


For uninterrupted production, two pumps can also be combined by switching over the supply. This is a double barrel station for receiving 2 x 200 kg material drum containers.


Quick-change exchange units


For the further optimisation of the low maintenance requirement, pluggable quick-change exchange units enable the immediate resumption of production.


Upgrade kit for dispensing cylinders


The CeraFLOW® Mono model is equipped with only one dispensing cylinder as standard and can be subsequently upgraded. This enables continuous foam dispensing. In addition to the second dispensing cylinder, the upgrade kit consists of a further servomotor drive that includes an electronic controller – converting a CeraFLOW® Mono into a Duo.


Foam technology under automation

Foaming is often only one of many process steps. We integrate foam technology seamlessly into your existing production line or design fully automated systems for you to ensure the perfect integration of all of the parts.



Here you will find further information and downloads on CeraFlow® foam metering systems and CeraCon Sealing systems.

Brochure: CeraFLOW® Duo / Mono

The most flexible foam dispensing system by CeraCon

Brochure: CeraCon Sealing systems

Innovative single-component foam sealing technology

Downloads in other languages or on other topics can be found in our own Download Centre.


Do you have any questions, or would you like to specifically discuss your individual requirements in the field of foam sealing technology? We are here for you.


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