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Perfectly foamed: example components from various industries

Many customers. Countless products. One aim: perfect results when it comes to sealing or noise suppression. To achieve this, we need to know your individual requirements. However, we would be happy to provide you with a first impression.

Automotive/E-mobility sector

Sealing of rear lamps

Sealing of door modules

Sealing of locker cases

Sealing and cushioning of B-pillar covers

Cushioning of loudspeaker housings

Sealing of bases for roof antennas

Electrics/Electronics sector

Sealing of heat sinks for robot control systems

Sealing of fuse boxes

Sealing of housings for electronic parts

Sealing aluminium die-cast covers for electric motors

Sealing of distributor housings of cable bushings

Sealing of housing parts for traffic lights

Household appliances/White goods sector

Sealing of lint filters for tumble dryers

Sealing of faceplates for dish washers

Sealing of housings of heat pumps for tumble dryers

Sealing of housings for mowing robots

Sealing of covers of transport safety devices for household appliances

Sealing of connecting flanges for washing machines

Miscellaneous sectors

Sealing of wheel housings for travel cases

Sealing of lids for plastics containers

Sealing of screw tops

Sealing of plugs for drives of electric bicycles

Sealing of covers for roller shutter boxes

Sealing of housings for navigation devices for bicycles


Do you have any questions, or would you like to specifically discuss your individual requirements in the field of foam sealing technology? We are here for you.


Sealing systems

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