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We look forward to your visit

You will gain the best impression of our high-quality production facilities and services during a personal visit to our plants in Weikersheim. We are already looking forward to welcoming you as our guests.

In order to make your arrival and your stay with us as pleasant as possible, we have compiled the most important information below.

Head office

CeraCon GmbH

Talstrasse 2

97990 Weikersheim


Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-0

Internet: www.ceracon.com

Email: epost@ceracon.com

Contract gasketing

CeraCon GmbH

Tauberhoehe 15

97990 Weikersheim


Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-700

Internet: www.ceracon.com

Email: epost@ceracon.com

Charging station for electric cars

Are you visiting us with an electric vehicle? At our head office (Talstrasse) you will find a charging station powered by green electricity with two charging points (type 2 plug, AC up to 22KW).

Useful information

Brochure: Safety information for visitors

For CeraCon production sites in Germany
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Head office Talstrasse (Weikersheim)


Contract gasketing Tauberhoehe (Weikersheim)


"We work where others spend their holiday"

The following contains an overview of selected overnight accommodation of various types in and around Weikersheim which we can recommend for uncomplicated planning of your stay with us in the "Lovely Tauber Valley" .

Flairhotel Weinstube Lochner


Hauptstrasse 39, 97980 Markelsheim

Phone: +49(0)7931-939-0
Email: info@weinstube-lochner.de
Internet: www.weinstube-lochner.de

Room rates: start at approx. 49.00€ (incl. breakfast)
Distance from CeraCon: 7.2 km (approx. 9 min. by car)


Show directions

Hotel Deutschherren Stuben


Marktplatz 9, 97990 Weikersheim

Phone: +49(0)7934-8376
Email: gaestehaus.birgit@t-online.de
Internet: www.deutschherren-stuben.de

Room rates: approx. 70.00€ – 90.00€
Distance from CeraCon: 1 km (approx. 3 min. by car)


Show directions

Hotel Laurentius


Marktplatz 5, 97990 Weikersheim

Phone: +49(0)7934-9108-0
Email: info@hotel-laurentius.de
Internet: www.hotel-laurentius.de

Room rates: approx. 90.00€ – 130.00€ (incl. breakfast)
Distance from CeraCon: 1 km (approx. 3 min. by car)


Show directions

Landgasthof zum Hirschen


Mühlenstraße 1, 97285 Tauberrettersheim

Phone: +49(0)9338-322
Email: landgasthof@zum-hirschen.info
Internet: www.zum-hirschen.info

Room rates: approx. 55.00€ – 85.00€
Distance from CeraCon: 5 km (approx. 6min. by car)


Show directions

Your contact persons at our company

The CeraCon family now consists of over 220 members worldwide. To make the selection a little easier for you, we have listed the contact details of only a few of them below.


Sealing systems:
Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-520
Email: sealingsystems@ceracon.com

Contract gasketing:
Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-525
Email: contractgasketing@ceracon.com

Thermal systems:
Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-530
Email: thermalsystems@ceracon.com



Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-631
Email: purchasing@ceracon.com



Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-659
Email: service@ceracon.com


Spare parts

Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-613
Email: spareparts@ceracon.com


Human resources

Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-623
Email: hr@ceracon.com



Phone: +49(0)7934-9928-651
Email: pr@ceracon.com


Do you have any questions, or would you like to specifically discuss your individual requirements? We are here for you.



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